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Opportunistic Consulting looks forward to working with you.
We can create a custom package to fit your unique needs.

Goals of Organizational Psychology

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies

    • Determine Barriers to company growth

    • Employee Engagement, Morale & Productivity

    • Workplace Performance 

  • Recruit & Retain Top Talent

    • Job Satisfaction

  • Evaluate workplace Protocols

  • Optimize the workplace for Quality of Life

  • Analyze, Design & Implement Programs

Strategy & Organization

Having goals is important and we can help you develop a strategic roadmap to accomplish your goals.

It is important to "Be Intentional" with the actions you are taking to make sure it aligns with the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Opportunistic Consulting can help identify actions and milestones that will put you on the path to success!

Project Management

Information Technology (IT) Projects require a specialized skill set that is highly technical and user centric which is critical to successful operations with an organization. 

Opportunistic Consulting is able to assist with project timelines, milestones, best practices and implementation. 


Globalization /  Scalability

Organizations have found that scalability of a strategy can be one of the most difficult parts of growing an organization. The culture of the location has influenced business acumen greatly.


Opportunistic Consulting can conduct a needs assessment and develop a strategic plan and assist with implementation to grow your organization to the next level.

Team Building

Team productivity and cohesiveness does not happen by itself. Building an amazing team takes a lot of work! We can work with your organization to evaluate current team performance and conduct team building exercises.

There are a lot of benefits to high functioning teams: Increased productivity, lower turnover, reduced stress, and increased levels of employee morale.

Corporate Development
Technical Documentation

Opportunistic Consulting can create documentation which is  catered to specific users, industries or audiences to fulfill your unique needs.

Experience with Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Excel, & MS Word

Leadership development is important as companies grow and evolve. Leadership development is a key factor in determining business success. We can assist with developing individuals at all levels to perform in various leadership capabilities.